A Color & Style Course for Soulful Women Entrepreneurs

It's time to break out of your color & style shell once and for all! Purge the color of black from your wardrobe and embrace a NEW authentic style that is aligned with the essence of who you are. 


This course is designed to help you STOP secretly envying the personal style and latest branding shoot of your industry colleagues and become the NEW, talked about STYLISH  boss babe within your niche! 

A Color & Personal Style Course created specifically for soulful, women entrepreneurs.

Let's be real... How many times have you experienced the below scenarios? I promise I won't judge. In the past,

I too have been guilty of doing the same!

Scenario 1:  - You have an online Zoom meeting with a new client. You look in your closet becoming nervous and frustrated because your call is in 1 hour and you have nothing to wear, so you resort to wearing your usual go-to comfort color of black and haphazardly throw on some accessories. Because black goes with any and everything, right? Not necessarily... You leave the call feeling slightly disempowered because you know deep within that you could have brought better energy into your meeting and as a result, your client may have intuitively picked up on that energy as well.

Scenario 2: You've booked your long-awaited branding shoot, location(s) have been confirmed and you are excited about the big day. However, after scouring the websites of your favorite online entrepreneurs nothing resonates with the vision you have for your business. You say to yourself, "how do they manage to look so effortlessly stylish?" So, you decide to 'borrow' the same colors; same hairstyle, and even the exact same outfit! Kind of creepy when you think about it. But, when you receive the final edits from the shoot you realize that these photos are nothing like what you originally envisioned for your visual branding as a soulful entrepreneur. You spiral into the blame game. You blame the photographer, you blame the lighting and you also blame the stupid idea that you could be this fabulous, stylish, and empowered entrepreneur. You can! You just haven't figured that part out as yet...

Scenario 3: Your business bestie posted a recent photo from her latest branding shoot and received multiple compliments, hearts, likes, and thumbs up! You say I am happy for her, but deep down you're thinking, "well, if I had more money in my budget to splurge on a top-notch photographer, designer clothes, and trendy accessories my brand would be just as admired and visible". But here's the kicker; fabulous, authentic style is not about designer clothing or trendy accessories, sure they are nice to have. Who doesn't want a fabulous pair of Versace heels to wear in their branding shoot? However, if you know how to strategically illuminate your authentic style personality with the right combo of colors you will be ahead of the game by leaps and bounds!

Do you resonate with any of the following personal style dilemmas?

Are you a NEW, soulful entrepreneur who feels completely out of her league

when comparing your style to that of other well-known,

established entrepreneurs within your industry?


Are you an established entrepreneur who feels disconnected or uninspired with

your current visual branding message?


Do you constantly compare your personal style

to other soulpreneurs within your industry?

Are you ready to break out of your shell and finally say goodbye

to your safety color of black, white, and grey?

Do you dread getting dressed to meet your

clients online and in-person because you you have nothing to wear?

Are you undergoing a major brand revamp and are unsure of how to evolve

your visual branding message to align with the essence of who you are?

Introducing The Color Branding Imprint Course

One-Time Payment Option
Two Installment Payments @ $300

If so, then the Color Branding Imprint Course is the perfect investment for you to consider as you embark on this new phase of your entrepreneurial journey! You might be asking yourself, what exactly is color branding and why is it important to evolving my visual branding message as a soulful woman entrepreneur?

When you are wearing your signature Color Branding Imprint, you are emitting unique energy out into the world that can have an empowering and positive influence on how people (your ideal clients) choose to engage with you. But, more importantly, when you are wearing your signature branding colors you are creating an energetic, visual  IMPRINT that speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent!

This is a unique color and style course that is dedicated to providing soulful, women entrepreneurs - new or established - with a step-by-step, practical approach to enhancing your visual branding message with a few cocktails thrown in-between! This course specifically addresses how to strategically incorporate 

COLOR into your current wardrobe and accessories. 


I am hopeful that when you complete this course you will leave the course feeling empowered and knowledgeable when utilizing your signature, Color Branding Imprint to strengthen your visibility 

both online and off with a sparkling and stylish BANG!

When you enroll in the Color Branding Imprint Course you will receive...
Checklist and color charts teaching you step by step how to strategically implement your signature,
Color Branding Imprint into all aspects of your Visual Branding Message.
Access to the private Facebook Group + Weekly Live Q&A
to address any concerns you may have.  
11 self-guided video modules addressing how to select your BEST Color Branding Imprint
Downloadable workbooks to complement each video lecture
Detailed styling guide, highlighting the various style personalities and how to choose colors
Exclusive bonus for those individuals who complete and submit course homework.
Tonya’s approach to enhancing your visual branding message looks at how your COLOR BRANDING IMPRINT aligns with the essence of who you are as a soulpreneur; through a step-by-step guided process of supporting you in discovering what signature, color season, and palette most resonates with your authentic, best self.
Never feel invisible again!

Charise B.

 Feminine Leadership Success LLC

Hi! I got your email and I am just amazed!!! I cannot wait to explore and try some of these Winter colors on thank you so much! I also wanted to thank you again!!! I got the 2nd set of emails and I'm so excited about all the different colors! I was surprised to see that some shades I used before in eye shadow and makeup. 


 Immigration & Customs ~ Spain

Thank you very much, Tonya, I love it! It will help me a lot what you have made for me...know I will keep reading and learning  more from you...


 Freelance Makeup Artist

Tianna W.

Owner + Nail Tech @Grow n' Glo Beauty Bar

Oh great ! Thank you sooooo much !

Honestly, I was surprised at the range of colors Tonya pulled for me. The color matching works with my eyes, hair and style. Thank you!

Nicole B.

Early Years Educator

I am not typically a 'red person' but when Tonya created my color branding palette I fell in love with it! Sultry Red is now my go-to POWER color! 

One-Time Payment Option
Two Installment Payments @ $300
Access the course from anywhere in the world
Learn on your laptop or mobile
Visually stimulating video lectures
Immediate access to all videos and modules
Immediate access to private Facebook Group
Weekly LIVE Q & A
No More Excuses Gorgeous!
This Course Was Created for You
Module 7. Outfit Simulation
Module 8. Outfit Simulation

11 Fabulous Modules + Video Lessons

(Never panic or freeze in front of your closet again!)

Module 1.

1 Video


Welcome + Orientation


Creating Your Style Vision Statement


Creating Your Style Profile


Journal Reflection

Module 2.

1 Video


Intro to Color Branding


Color Branding Article


Color Branding Imprint Article


Journal Reflection

Module 4.

3 Videos


DIY Color Assessment

(Step-by-step checklist)


BONUS PART 1. Cool Color Drape Test


BONUS PART 2. Warm Color Drape Test

Downloadable Color Charts


Journal Reflection

Module 5.

Course Intermission


Introduction to the 12 Color Sub-Domains

Module 3.

5 Videos


Intro to 4-Sassy Color Seasons PART A


Winter Woman of Style PART B


Summer Woman of Style PART C

Autumn Woman of Style PART D


Journal Reflection

Module 6.

3 Videos


(Intro Winter Woman of Style)


Deep Winter Woman of Style


Cool Winter Woman of Style

Clear Winter Woman of Style

Module 7.

3 Videos


(Intro Summer Woman of Style)


Cool Summer Woman of Style


Soft Summer Woman of Style

Light Summer Woman of Style


Journal Reflection

Module 8.

3 Videos


(Intro Autumn Woman of Style)


Warm Autumn Woman of Style


Soft Autumn Woman of Style

Deep Autumn Woman of Style


Journal Reflection

Module 9.

3 Videos


(Intro Spring Woman of Style)


Warm Spring Woman of Style


Light Spring Woman of Style

Clear Spring Woman of Style


Journal Reflection

Module 10.

2 Videos


Discover Your BEST Metallic Accessory


Best Winter + Summer Accessories


Best Autumn + Spring Accessories

Module 11.

BONUS: 7 Videos


The Dynamic FLOW!

Website Color Branding Analysis


Creating Your Action Plan


Journal Reflection

Module 12.

End of Course

1 Video


Cocktails + Course Recap

BONUS OFFER: Submission Details

Why Settle for Black, Grey, or Boring Beige?

When you have the rainbow at your fingertips!

I totally get it! Making the decision to become an entrepreneur whether online or off is a risky, yet worthwhile investment into YOUR future happiness, financial security, and overall quality of life. Ensuring that you are putting your BEST effort forward right out the gate will be a determining factor in your future success and longevity within your chosen industry; which also includes your visual branding both online and off.

Did you know that you only have between 7-10 seconds to create a memorable first impression; and this fact is even more important if you are an online entrepreneur. When you are first launching your company website, or when you decide to click the live button on your chosen social media platform you are inviting the public, more specifically your ideal client to learn more about who you are and how you can best serve them.

Choosing to hide behind your usual 'comfort colors' for example of black, grey, and boring beige visually signals to your tribe or community that you may not care very much for your professional appearance. What are the consequences of not caring about what colors you should wear? It indirectly tells your followers and potential clients that you don't care enough about your brand's visibility factor and that you certainly do not care about taking the time to impress upon them the message that my time with you is important and I care enough to show up as my BEST self.

It's time to break out of your shell and embrace your Color Branding Imprint

NEW Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their imprint upon the world.


Established female entrepreneurs who would like to revive their visual branding with a stylish bang!


Only wearing black, grey, boring beige is no longer an option for you.


You want to sparkle in your NEW Color Branding Imprint.

You are TIRED of secretly envying your business colleague's personal style.

You are ready to come out of your shell and STOP using dated still-photos on your Zoom

client meeting calls and actually connect with them.

You too desire the accolades of a kick-ass branding shoot that brings your vision

to life and resonates with your ideal clients.

If you are NOT a new or established female entrepreneur this course may not be the right fit for you, this course is heavily focused on visual branding for online, female soulpreneurs.

This course will also not be a good fit for you if you've had your colors analyzed in the past and

you refuse to change your current brand of colors.

Do not enroll in this course if you feel that color branding is hogs-wash and pointless.

I ONLY desire to work with inspiring, ambitious, and passionate female soulpreneurs.

Lastly, if you are dead set on only wearing black, grey, and beige for the rest of your life this course is definitely not suited to your personal style needs as a female entrepreneur.

Don't Miss Your Opportunity!

Currently Registering Fall/Winter Spots 

One-Time Payment Option
Two Installment Payments @ $300
Make Yourself A Promise Today... No More Excuses

I get it! You've got a lot of 'things' on the go right now...

You're working full-time, trying to make this dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality,

you don't have the time to invest in anything else right now.

There are many moving parts to becoming an entrepreneur and YOUR visual branding is an integral part of that process. When will there ever be a better time than the present? Because at some point you will have to face this dilemma again on your journey of becoming this vision of an ambitious, fabulous, and stylish entrepreneur. Strategic, visibility is KEY!  Why not be ahead of the game and invest in your success rather than delaying it, yet again!

Maybe in the next few months when I am in a better position financially

Honestly, I've been the queen of this excuse. But, what I've come to realize is that investing in your future, which means investing in your BEST SELF is also key to creating an abundant lifestyle that is financially secure. There will always be something that comes up and takes priority other than yourself, but there will also come a time when you need to purposefully make yourself a priority and re-invest in yourself to make your dreams a reality. Why not start putting yourself first today?

Why invest in this course when I can just browse through my

favorite magazine and get inspiration that way?

Because your fave magazines are trend-based and are focused to sell you what's hot, not that anything is wrong that; but does that outfit resonate with your style personality and unique color banding? For example, bright, cherry red might be trending for the fall season, but what if cherry red isn't a color that complements you? You would have potentially wasted money on a color-trend that does not resonate with your coloring or personal style.


Furthermore, let's say your fave celebrity has been into leopard prints for the winter season and because it looks good on her, you think it will look good on you too, right? Not exactly, what size is the leopard print? What type of leopard print works best with your body shape? And does your authentic style personality resonate with such a bold choice in color and pattern?


When you put it on, you might not like it as much because you followed a trend rather than knowing with absolute certainty and confidence that this investment piece resonates with your visual branding. It's like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick or in this case magically turn you into a style maven.

Besides, I'm an online entrepreneur I won't have much in-person contact with my clients,

doesn't make sense if they are only going to see me from behind my office desk.

Your website and live videos via Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube can be considered your virtual business card. Remember I mentioned earlier, you only have a small window period (7-10 seconds) to make a memorable first impression. It's even more difficult online to capture and hold the attention of your ideal client because depending on what social media platform they found you on there might be other entrepreneurs they have stumbled across and are scrolling their videos as well.


The only difference is that those other entrepreneurs have taken the time to strategically create a visual branding message that resonates with their ideal client. As you can see, if your visual branding is less than fabulous you risk missing the opportunity to at least capture the attention of a potential client about who you are.


We as humans are visually inclined; as a result, we tend to make quick value assessments about someone's overall appearance before we have heard them speak. In this case, when you are marketing yourself as a soulful entrepreneur a potential client will have made a preliminary judgment on whether they can trust you and eventually want to work with you.

The feeling of uncertainty as you decide to invest in your future as a soulful, female entrepreneur is normal! But it is also a feeling you will need to get used to, as this is the only way to move forward with confidence and build your dream empire; by leading with one foot in front of the other. I'm here to help you get out of your head and FINALLY invest in that fabulous, stylish NEW wardrobe you desire to have, if you are unsure if this is the right path to achieve that goal - the answer is YES!  


Follow your intuition, it will never lead you astray! 

That would be me! A woman who not only revamped her image and personal style as a soulful, female entrepreneur but a woman who has survived and THRIVES in her personal and professional life after experiencing emotional abuse and many years of hearing NO. That I will never achieve the BIG vision goals I have planned for my life...

Who am I and what am I all about? 


I am a certified, Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, and Transformation Coach who works with new and established female soulpreneurs. What led me to working with women who are soulpreneurs? Well, a few years ago I experienced a spiritual awakening which I later came to acknowledge, and what some people describe, as the 'dark night of the soul'. I had felt defeated in all areas of my life, which further contributed to me not taking care of my physical presentation among other aspects of my life; I essentially shut down. It wasn't until I decided to channel my depression and anxiety into a positive force of energy, did  I realize that giving up and playing small in my life was no longer an option.


Can you relate?


Fed up with my life at the then time, I decided to do the necessary inner and outer work on myself. As a result, clarity and inspiration became my compass and spark to firstly revamp my life both personally and professionally, which led me a few years later to investing in an online business mentoring program - I Heart My Life - taught by Emily Williams; which further fuelled my passion to also become a certified Transformation Life Coach with the Transformation Academy. My next goal was to become an online soulpreneur. 


As a result, two passion projects were launched. The Renaissance Woman of Style and Light Your Divine Path a life coaching practice centered upon divine feminine coaching principles for women who are healing after experiencing emotional abuse. I decided that in order for me to become the woman that I had envisioned during my time of healing, I needed to also SHOW UP and be present in all areas of my life! This also led to my own personal makeover; which further taught me about the power of color and the influential role that color can have within our lives.

The Renaissance Woman of Style

Working with SOULFUL women entrepreneurs such as yourself is not only a passion of mines but an inspired purpose to holistically support and coach other women embarking on the journey of soulpreneurship to purposefully and stylishly align with the essence of who they are and have that manifested through their empowering, visual branding message.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

When you take a leap of faith and click on that juicy, purple button 4 things are going to happen and they include the following:


You will be taken to a secure, third-party payment page,

where you will be requested to pay by credit card, only. 


Next, you will receive a welcome message from yours truly where I will go over a few admin details with you before you officially start the course.


Once you've set-up your login details you will have unlimited

access to ALL modules, videos, and downloads

One-Time Payment Option
Two Installment Payments @ $300

Adding Value To The Quality of Your Life + Business!

  • Discern with absolute confidence whether or not COOL or WARM colors look best on you.
  • Incorporate your COLOR BRANDING IMPRINT into your existing wardrobe + accessories.
  • Walk away feeling EMPOWERED and EXCITED to revamp your visual branding message with a CLEAR action plan.
  • NEVER compare yourself to another soulpreneur again because you know the SECRET formula behind their fabulous visual branding message (color + style).
  • Strategically create an AUTHENTIC visual branding message that resonates with the essence of who you are.
  • Clearly understand how to utilize your POWER - ANCHOR - ACCENT colors to attract the positive attention you desire both online and off.
  • CONFIDENTLY TRANSITION your Color Branding Imprint into future web designs and other branding materials.
  • Look VIBRANT, YOUTHFUL, and ENERGIZED wearing your new Color Branding Imprint.
  • Walk away with a fabulous, unique Color Branding Imprint that resonates with the essence of who you are.

Q1. Can I start the course immediately or do I have to wait for modules to be released?

A1.  Yes! you most certainly can begin the course once you have made your payment.

ALL modules and downloads are accessible to you once you log in and hit the PLAY button!

Q2. How long do I have access to the course?

A2. There is no rush to complete this course. Please do take as long as needed to complete the course. You've invested in your ongoing personal development and I am here to help you succeed in achieving that goal!

In short, you have unlimited access to this course 24/7 as needed.

Q3. What if I am not happy with the course, do I get a refund?

A3. Payments and deposits are non-refundable without exception. Please carefully review our image and style programs, online products, and in-person coaching service, before agreeing to purchase. You (the client) are solely responsible for any programs and online product fees purchased from Renaissance Woman of Style. Regardless if you choose to use the program or online product and regardless of the fact if you have chosen to pay in full or via payment plan agreement. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued or the monthly payment plan forgiven. In addition, a $15.00 late fee will be incurred for missed payments not received or are submitted past the due date.

Q4. How much will I be investing?

A4. I think the better question to ask is how much do you value yourself and do you believe you are worth the investment? Your personal image and style speak volumes to the world long before you’ve had the chance to formally introduce yourself. A disheveled or dated image can cost you a new client, you risk being passed over for amazing networking opportunities to impress a potential media sponsor or prestigious speaking engagement. More importantly, as discussed earlier, the effort in which you put into your image and style will always communicate outwardly to the world how much you value and respect yourself. Remember, you only have 7 seconds or less to make an amazing and memorable first impression.


Investment $497 or Two Monthly Payments @ $300

Q5. What if I need help selecting my Color Branding Imprint?

A5. If you desire a more intimate experience then your best option would be a tailored 1:1 Color & Style coaching program with me. If that is the case then this course may not be the best option for you. Think of this course as a kick-starter to helping you enhance or create your visual branding message as a soulpreneur. The Color Branding Imprint course has been created to help and support you in figuring out what color season and palette will further enhance your visual branding message (personal style) in a relatively quick time period.


However, if you are seeking an exclusive 1:1 experience with me, please do enquire via email about my FULL-length Color Branding Imprint Package, which is 1-week in length and is designed specifically to help you get a deeper understanding of how a color or lack thereof is hindering you in becoming a stylish, visible leader within your industry.


Email: privatecolorstylecoaching@gmail.com 

Q6. Will I need any supplies to complete this course?

A6. There are a few basic supplies that you will need, but they can all be found in your home or borrowed from a friend or family member. There are digital, color downloads for each color season and palette to help you discover your signature, color branding imprint. 

Q7. What is this special BONUS offer you keep mentioning?

A7. You'll have to enroll in the course, fill out each of the journal reflections, and follow the end of course submission details to find out about the special offer I have waiting for you!

Q8. What if I choose the wrong Color Branding Imprint?

A8. Not to worry! This course has been designed with CLEAR step by step instructions to guide you through the process of elimination in helping you choose the BEST Color Branding Imprint. However, if after a few attempts you are absolutely stuck I have created weekly, live Q&A sessions within the private Facebook group to address your question specifically. Scheduling for lives will be confirmed by Tonya.

If you still have questions, please send them directly to the ColorBraningImprintQuestions@gmail.com

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