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Wardrobe Capsule: What are The Benefits?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

wardrobe capsule what are the benefits

Hello ladies, what is a wardrobe capsule and why should you create a plan for your wardrobe and accessories?

Having a wardrobe plan and audit done at least 2x a year is an effective way of not only eliminating unwanted items in our closet, while simultaneously organizing the items that are still useful to us, but more importantly, it will help you to effortlessly put yourself stylishly together with relevant, timeless outfits that will enable you to cultivate and nurture a visual branding message that is reflective of your professional and personal aspirations. In my opinion, a wardrobe capsule/audit serves four important purposes that every modern woman, who is currently in the process of evolving their personal brand will want to pay very close attention to. But first, let’s discuss what a wardrobe audit and plan actually entails.

A wardrobe audit is the methodical process of purging, then organizing the clothing items, accessories, shoes, handbags, and anything else in your closet in which you utilize on a daily or seasonal basis. The end goal of a wardrobe audit and plan – if done correctly – should yield a variety of versatile outfits that accommodate your lifestyle and daily routine; thus, the first purpose of a wardrobe audit and plan is its ability to help you focus without distraction or indecisiveness. One of the intangible benefits is the fact that it gives you back your peace of mind, which further enables you to think more clearly, precisely and without confusion when selecting a potential outfit or putting together a specific look you are trying to accomplish when, for example, you are tasked with pitching your business idea at a high stakes client meeting – First impressions are crucial.

The second purpose of a wardrobe audit is the ROI; the tangible benefits, such as its monetary reward experienced when securing the contract of a high-profile client or being invited to speak at an exclusive client retreat, which in turn further elevates your income prospects and brand reputation. How is that possible? Think about the time and energy that goes into executing a business presentation or preparing and mastering an enticing pitch for a potential high-stakes client; the time you take going over your highlighted notes and speaking to and addressing the concerns of that client, as well as ensuring that you capture and sustain their interest and attention can be a nerve-wracking experience; in addition, to worrying about making a powerful and memorable first impression. Why not eliminate unnecessary stress by being proactive in how you intentionally show up in both your personal and professional life.

Thus, the third purpose of a wardrobe audit should reflect, accommodate, and complement specific areas of your personal and professional life. For example, your closet should be divided into four basic categories:

1. Professional outfits

2. Social outfits

3. Weekend outfits

4. Special Event outfits.

The theory behind this process is known as wardrobe capsules/modules, which are basically clusters or groupings of separate wardrobe and accessory items that yield versatile outfits that are centered around a key piece from your existing wardrobe; for example, a navy blazer can be worn with jeans and a blouse for a business casual look or dressed up with a black pencil skirt for a formal office look.

Lastly, from a personal lifestyle perspective having a wardrobe capsule created is also beneficial for busy, entrepreneurial moms! Busy, busy, busy are the three magic words that pretty much sum up the daily routine of savvy, corporate moms and work from home moms. Up by 5:30 am, or perhaps earlier, prepping meals for the day, scheduling in a last-minute playdate, coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups while mentally making notes of what details need tweaking before making a proposal to a potential, new client. Sound familiar? I completely identify with this scenario because I too have felt the pressure of balancing home and work life all while attempting to look like I just stepped off the pages of Vogue Magazine; some days I nailed it and other days my beloved Nike hat and boyfriend jeans saved the day!

A wardrobe audit saves you valuable time while also allowing you to focus on illuminating your authentic, personal brand. Having that reassurance when you wake up in the morning or perhaps the night before, if you are a left-brain type of gal, to be able to calmly walk into your closet and plan your entire look from head to toe in less than 30 minutes are definite style goals. But, the most important benefit is the savings you will appreciate once you discover how to skillfully build 10 to 15 fabulous and completely different looking outfits from one investment piece from your current wardrobe.

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Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

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