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Types of Fashion Styles for Women Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

types of fashion style for women entrepreneurs

Hello Ladies,

What are fashion styles and why are they important in helping you elevate your visual branding message as a soulful entrepreneur?

In today’s economy women are undoubtedly stepping into highly coveted leadership roles as Chief Executives, CEO’s and multifaceted entrepreneurs; successful moms single and married are balancing family life while maintaining thriving careers and business. In addition, more women are choosing to build successful startup companies rather than participating in the traditional 9-5 milieu of the corporate world.

Forbes Woman highlighted in a 2015 article, Women in The Workplace: Three Questions to Ask Your Leaders that “women are 33% more likely to gain a college degree than men, and make up 47.5% of the country’s labor force”. However, despite the major gains women continue to accomplish in the academic and professional arena we are still contending with antiquated attitudes and systemic structures that have contributed to the ongoing issue of the gender wage gap. Forbes Woman further reports that “Female representation in senior business positions and in political office is mediocre at best. This is not just about women working, it’s about allowing and supporting women to realize their full potential in the economy.”

You might be asking yourself, Tonya, what does all this mean for me? Because women are progressively moving into influential, leadership roles within society right now more than ever how you choose to visually package and present your personal style and unique brand as a career savvy, entrepreneurial woman to prospective clients will definitely play an integral role in your future success, long-term credibility and how other people will interpret and relate to you solely based on how well you can strategically package your personal core values, skills and talent into a relatable, authentic, personal brand that is stylish, relevant and intellectually stimulating. As such, knowing about the varying fashion styles for women is key to evolving your visual branding during this transition in your soulful business and life.

Being in control and proactive in how your visual identity (personal style and brand) is being telegraphed and perceived both online and off will definitely set you apart and give you an added advantage over your competitors. You only have a few seconds to visually communicate to your future work colleagues and clients that you are the right woman for the job and that you are more than qualified to take their business to the next level. When I was preparing to exit the traditional workforce and begin the process of becoming a soulpreneur I too faced the very same questions I pose to you on this website. During my time of transformation it became evident to me that your visual identity (personal style, brand and overall image) must be uniquely packaged and strategically presented in such a way that it attracts the right opportunities for you to embark on a new beginning in your professional and personal life.

Tonya's 2020 Feminine Style Archetype Series... Coming Soon!

Whimsical Romantic

Confident Temptress

Bold Artistic Maven

Sporty Conservative

Sophisticated Classic

Natural Elegant Beauty

Urban Darling

Boho Goddess

Eclectic Chic

Vintage Babe

Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

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