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Female Entrepreneurs: Is Your Personal Style Attracting Your Dream Clients?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Personal Style Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Women are taking the lead in start-up companies at an increasing rate and what is even more exciting and encouraging is the fact that women are no longer politely standing aside in corporate boardrooms waiting for their voices to be acknowledged and heard; we are taking our voices outside of the confines of major corporations and heading-up our own creative enterprises.

However, once business plans have been finalized and signed, partnerships have been formed and LLC’s registered an important aspect of becoming a female entrepreneur that is often overlooked and could regrettably cost you a major contract with your dream client is the missed opportunity early on during the launch phase of your business to strategically nurture and develop your personal style; one that visually communicates to potential clients who you are and what you represent as an empowered female entrepreneur.

Whether you are the next Steve Jobs in heels, international philanthropist such as Richard Branson or empowerment life coach Tony Robbins how you are visually perceived through your personal style both online and off is an integral aspect of your personal branding. You will be among some major titans within your niche and knowing how to stand out and set yourself apart from your competitors in such as way that your personal brand sparkles and shines within your industry is vital to your success.

A priority that should be at the top of your list once you have set things in motion and have jumped in with both feet on the journey of becoming a successful female entrepreneur ought to be careful consideration of the visual and communicative impact of your personal brand; which should be meticulously curated to attract your dream client. Your visual branding story, if done correctly, should create a noteworthy buzz within your industry about who you are and what you represent.

We all have a style personality that resonates with the essence of who we are. Your style personality is what is also known as a style archetype. Moreover, in my previous Style Personality Series I outline 6 of the more notable style archetypes within the fashion industry, I have listed a few of them below.

Whimsical Romantic

Your overall personal style is feminine, pretty and whimsical. The energy of the Whimsical Endearing Spirit is gentle, observant and thoughtful. This style personality visually communicates harmony, calmness and tranquility. You are the NURTURING brand. Perhaps you are a holistic or spiritual life coach.

Confident Temptress

Often described as being confident, enchanting, as well as tempting. The energy of this style personality is classy, sexy and confident. Hollywood glamour is what this style archetype is all about. You are the LOVER brand. You maybe an influential dating or personal development coach, spa owner or holistic retreat facilitator.

Bold Artistic Maven

Natural flare for all things bold, colorful, artistic and dramatic. You mostly enjoy wearing wardrobe and accessory items that make a statement wherever you go. You are the OUTLAW brand (revolutionary). Your visual branding may evoke a rebel type of energy, which inspires and motivates your clients to think outside of the box. You maybe an empowerment or motivational coach, a new tech company revolutionizing the tech industry or a creative fashion brand.

Natural and Elegant

Free spirited, adventurous and carefree. Your style is casual, elegant and effortless. You prefer not to overthink your outfits and are not a trend addict. You appreciate comfort and practicality over anything else; however, you always manage to still look stylish and polished without putting much thought into your style. You are the EXPLORER brand (breaking free). Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who creates healing retreats for stressed, business or tech executives.

Classic Chic

Your style can be described as being ivy league chic, but not pretentious. Considered to be intellectually stylish, yet modern. You gravitate towards classic silhouettes and appreciate investing in premium wardrobe and accessory items that are timeless and classic. You are the SAGE brand (truth seeker). You are an entrepreneur starting your own law firm, business coach or counselling practice.

Sophisticated Elegance

Your personal style is polished, elegant and modern. You resonate with wardrobe and accessory items that are timeless, but with a twist of contemporary flare. This style personality evokes a classy, charming and elegant persona. You are the RULER brand (you rule your kingdom). Perhaps you are an influential motivational speaker, philanthropist or humanitarian.

If you are a new or seasoned female entrepreneur ensuring that your personal style authentically aligns with the essence of who you are and reflects your passion and purpose for what you do will positively increase your ability to attract your dream client as an empowered, female entrepreneur.

If you are interested in learning more about developing your personal style to authentically align with the essence of who you are, I encourage you to check out our 2-Day VIP Personal Brand Re-Alignment Program I offer to women who are ready to transition and evolve their image and personal style with VISION and PURPOSE.

Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

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