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Fall Outfit Ideas: What to Wear After Summer??

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Happy September ladies! 

Today, I will be sharing with you a few fall outfit ideas to help get you moving in the right direction with your wardrobe and accessories, now that the summer season is over.

The fall season is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love observing the transitioning of colors from vibrant summer to the earthy, rich colors of Autumn. This past weekend, I spent some time putting together my transitional summer to autumn wardrobe and accessory modules that I will share in a future post. But for now, take a look-see below. You probably already have these items in your existing wardrobe and accessories.

Fall Outfit Ideas #1: Do layer your fave summer dresses with a fabulous statement jacket, such as a jean jacket or tailored blazer. I personally live in my GAP jean jacket. 

Fall Outfit Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Fall Outfit Ideas #2: Other options for layering include mid-length cardigans and lightweight scarves that you can style various different ways. Strategically layer. If it is cooler in the morning and warms up by mid-afternoon, give yourself the option of being able to remove your cardigan sweater when wearing your fave summer dress. Just ensure the color complements your dress and appropriate for the weather.

fall outfit ideas for women

Fall Outfit Ideas #3 Statement pieces are EVERYTHING! Not ready to purchase new fall tops just yet. Why not change up your summer look with a stunning statement piece. You'd be surprised at how a fabulous fall necklace can change your entire look!

fall outfit ideas using rompers and sweaters

Fall Outfit Ideas #4. Wondering what to do with your beloved rompers? Instead of wearing it with Grecian sandals or dare I say flip flops, why not trade them in for a great pair of flats or a stylish pair of ankle boots + layer with a cardigan sweater.

fall outfit ideas for soulful female entrepreneurs

Enjoy the rest of your week ladies

Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

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