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Dress to Impress or Dress to INSPIRE? What are Your 2021 Style & Brand Goals?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020


Are you dressing to impress or dressing to INSPIRE? How will your 2021 new year goals influence your personal style and brand?

Do you realize that the festive, holiday season is officially a few months away! Hopefully, you have started spending some time self-reflecting on the progress you've made or didn’t make in 2020. Despite COVID-19 can you look back on this year and confidently say you thrived despite the pandemic? A question I have been asking myself now that we are in the last quarter of 2020 and one I will ask you today is how do you plan on showing up in your life both personally and professionally, starting TODAY so that you are not caught off guard when 2021 comes rolling in?

Below are 6 action steps you can begin implementing to ensure that whatever you have envisioned for your life and business moving forward in 2021 will authentically align with the new direction of your personal style and brand!

I've also been thinking about the whole dress to impress approach as a female entrepreneur; I personally believe that as we move forward into 2021 with massive plans to take action, I feel led to INSPIRE rather than impress my tribe/community of amazing, soulful, female entrepreneurs via my personal style! Our goal as Renaissance Women is to lead by example and to make a soulful impact in the lives of our clients and community. How do we do that? First impressions are crucial within the business world whether you are a life or business coach, holistic/wellness healer or practitioner. How you choose to visually show up through your personal style and your overall image will no doubt inspire your tribe to look within and make the decision to also show up as a STYLISH, inspiring, soulful, female entrepreneur who's ready to kick-butt in 2021 and beyond.

Check out my 2021 Dress to Inspire Color and Styling Tips

1. Vision board how you intend on visually showing up in your personal and professional life.

Yes, I know. We’ve all heard about vision boarding your dreams to help you manifest and remain focused on the end goal, but how many of you have created a visual style board with the intention of recreating how you will visually show up in your life once you have manifested that ideal client or AMAZING retreat destination for your exclusive clients? Grab a few fashion magazines if you are old school and prefer the cut and paste method, or you can use Pinterest to create a collage of looks and beauty trends that authentically resonate with you and use that to guide you in revamping your personal style and brand in the areas you are concentrating on in 2021; whether personally or professionally.

2. Dedicate the month of January to PURGING your closet; also known as a wardrobe audit.

January is an excellent time to dedicate some personal time to cleansing away stagnant, toxic energy from your wardrobe, accessories, and essentially your business and life. As you go through the process of elimination and organization, ask yourself four important questions:

1. How does this item make me feel when I have worn it in the past?

2. Does it make me feel empowered and confident or self-conscious and reserved?

3. Have you worn that item more than three times? Not once or twice, but at least three times in the past 6-months.

4. Most importantly, do the clothing items in your wardrobe align with the new direction of your business and life in 2021?

3. Is your personal style outdated?

You may need to seek trusted advice from close family members, friends, and perhaps work colleagues whose advice you value; and ask them, is your personal style still relevant in 2021? Or do you need to reconnect with the Essence of Your Personal Style in this brand, new year? Be open to whatever their response might be. Don’t get upset, shy away, or shut down the conversation. You may be surprised at how others perceive you from an objective viewpoint, which can be quite revealing and yes, a loving dose of reality; that we all need to hear from time to time.

Accept the good and bad of what they have to say. Write it down or make a mental note of it and think about how you can make incremental changes in your image and personal style over the next 6-months. Perhaps you need to upgrade your wardrobe, change your hair color, or start taking better care of your grooming. The point is to utilize their feedback as a barometer of how you’ve been showing up in the past and strategically using the first month of 2021 to begin transitioning your personal style and brand to the next level.

4. EXPERIMENT with COLOR! It can impact your personal style and brand positively.

What does color have to do with you transforming and aligning your personal style with your 2021 new year goals? Humans are subconsciously wired to visually communicate and receive non-verbal messages first before anything else, which ultimately influences our response to other people, whether we are aware of those reactions or not. As such, the psychological impact of the type of colors we wear can have either a negative or positive reaction from those we interact with daily.

Have you ever received a well-intentioned comment or question either at networking or a social gathering asking you if you were feeling tired or ill; or that you looked exhausted even though you had a full night’s rest, and feel healthy. Such reactions are a possible indicator that you may be wearing the wrong color(s) that do not elicit a positive response from your clients while illuminating the most polished, energized version of your best self and brand.

5. Have you committed to removing toxic relationships from your life moving forward in 2020?

What I have learned from my personal journey of transformation within my own life is that if you have allowed crappy, toxic, oppressive relationships to take root in your life, you more than likely have been emitting the same type of energy within other areas of your personal and professional relationships; and if that is the case, you need to commit to first removing those individuals out of your life that are attempting to keep you pinned under their negative energy.

Next, implement boundaries moving forward in 2021. Your image and personal style are intimately linked to how you feel about yourself from within; which ultimately influences how you visually show up in your soulful business. If you are in a stagnant, emotionally abusive relationship like I once was, your ability to view and accept yourself with unconditional LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, and RESPECT as a unique, divine woman will be difficult to achieve and ultimately heal from because you have allowed the toxic energy of a relationship, whether friendship or intimate, to reduce you to THEIR STANDARDS, not yours.

Lastly, once you have decided to step into your POWER and TRUTH you will notice a significant difference in how you present yourself to the world; with authority, respect, and self-love for yourself; which radiates from within which is reflected in your personal style; thus impacting how your visual branding will be received.

6. ‘Me Time’ is still a thing. Try to maintain your self-care days in 2020.

Lastly, I’ve also learned over the years to successfully upkeep my image and personal style from an authentic, holistic approach I needed to diligently invest in my self-care. No, this does not mean getting a mani and pedi every week or investing in a spa day; which, don’t get me wrong, all play an integral role in maintaining our physical self-care; however, I’ve learned to turn off and tune out for a day or two from social media, limiting my exposure to the chatter of online gossip. My self-care days now consist of enjoying some relaxing music; indulging in a self-nourishing, soulful book or simply spending time with myself in healthy solitude outdoors.

I know as the new year progresses that it is easier said than done with all our commitments to family and work etc. I get it, but if you are serious about up-leveling and transitioning your business and personal style in 2021 taking one day out of the week to unplug, center our spirits and refocus our intentions will do wonders for our emotional and spiritual growth moving forward; which ultimately heals our inner being and positively enhances how we present ourselves to the world both visually (our personal style) and intellectually.

Okay, ladies, that’s it for now. I hope this article has motivated you to start thinking differently about your personal style and brand; and how you intend to cultivate and align the two while moving forward with your 2021 new year goals! What's ket for me is not dressing to impress, but rather dressing to INSPIRE!

Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

To learn more about developing your personal style to authentically align with the essence of who you are as a female entrepreneur, I encourage you to check out my 2-Day VIP Style & Brand Audit Intensive offered to soulful women who are ready to transform their personal style and brand with VISION and PASSION!

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