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Color Analysis: Branding Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

What Exactly is Color Branding? And why is choosing the right color branding palette considered an important and integral component of your image and style; more specifically your personal brand?

Color Branding, also known as Color Analysis within the fashion and beauty industry, is the holistic and scientific process of discovering an individual’s most complementary color season and palette based upon a personalized assessment; which through the process of elimination uncovers an individual’s natural skin tone, eye, and hair color, as well as their overall appearance when wearing wardrobe items, accessories and makeup color combinations that resonate not only with the essence of who they are, but also with their visual branding message.

You are probably wondering what does color seasons and palettes have to do with enhancing my visual branding message as a soulful female entrepreneur? Your bewilderment is valid, as most female entrepreneurs are unaware of the powerful, visual impact correct color application plays in your overall visual presentation, including your online branding (i.e. your website and other marketing tools). The application of color in your wardrobe, accessories, and daily makeup routine can positively or negatively impact how we are visually perceived; for example, by potential clients who have come across your brand via your website, your weekly LIVE YouTube videos, and Instagram stories just to name a few.

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Researchers have found that “people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone”. (Institute for Color Research).

Have you ever received a well-intentioned comment or question either from a client or when attending an online Zoom meeting if you were feeling tired or ill; or that you looked exhausted even though you had a full night’s rest and feel healthy and energetic? Such reactions are a possible indicator that you may be wearing the wrong color(s) that do not illuminate your brands (that would be YOU) most polished, energized version of your best self and soulful practice as a female entrepreneur.

Believe it or not color does play an integral role in how others perceive us. The website Entrepreneur further substantiates this fact reporting that “the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand (in other words, does the color “fit” what is being sold)”. Remember, you are your brand; whether you are hosting an exclusive retreat for your clients or recording a LIVE event on Facebook or Instagram the overall visual perception of who you are will ultimately play a determining factor in whether or not you authentically resonate and intrigue a potential client or if that potential client passes you over for your competitor who knows the powerful influence of what color branding can do for you as a soulful entrepreneur; if applied correctly.

Lastly, if the right color season and palette is applied to your chosen wardrobe, accessories, and daily makeup application you more than likely will project a positive aura that is perceived as being vibrant, approachable, and healthy in appearance, which enhances and adds credibility to your personal brand rather than having a client question your suitability to represent their business or to help them elevate them within their life if you happen to be, for example, a life coach, spiritual healer, holistic lifestyle coach or motivational business coach.

Until next time! Personal Stylist Tonya J. xoxo

This is an exert from Module 2 workbook of the Color Branding Imprint Course; created for AMAZING, soulful, female entrepreneurs who are desiring to upgrade their visual branding presence with COLOR + STYLE both online and off. To learn more about the program click on the photo below!

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