Below is an extensive list of questions regarding our image and style programs and services. Please review them carefully, as you will gain greater insight into how I like to work with my clients; thus, giving you a chance to decide whether you and I will be a good fit to work with one another. If you have any further questions don’t be a stranger, send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your question(s).

Q1. Where do you host your in-person image and style consults?

A1. I am located in a lovely, closed-knit suburban community in the city of Ajax, ON (Durham Region). You can visit me at my serene home studio where I facilitate most of my local, in-person image and style programs which is not too far from the lake and three international shopping malls (very peaceful and tranquil option).

Clients who have been properly vetted for suitability for one of the image and style development programs are forwarded my studio address once an appointment has been booked and payment confirmed.

Q2. I do not live in the Durham Region area (Ajax/Pickering/Whitby/Oshawa) but I am still interested in the program, what are my options?

A2. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier for you to participate in my professional image and style coaching programs. If you are serious about evolving your personal brand, you have two options available to you:


1. The first option is to meet me in beautiful Toronto, Canada in a well appointed studio space where we can conduct the in-person portion of your consult.

2. I can visit you at your home or office (this option is applicable to Toronto or GTA clients only).

Q3. Why are your image and style development programs 3 and 6 months in length?

A3. I want to ensure my clients leave my programs not only feeling 100% transformed, but also equipped with the knowledge they need to upkeep and maintain their own image and style from an authentic and empowered position. It is called an image and style development program because it was very important to me not to offer surface level image consulting services. Clients who choose to work with me will be challenged and encouraged to go within and dismantle the inner negative chatter that has held them back from truly embracing their signature image and style. If you are not ready for such a commitment or you only want to up-level a specific domain of your image and style, I also offer other image and style options that may be more advantageous for you.

Q4. Do you accept international travel request to meet with clients who are interested in your image and style programs?

A4. Yes, on an exclusive basis I am available to a limited amount of international VIP clients who are unable to travel to Canada due to business obligations or privacy issues; and prefer to stay in their country of residence. However, travel fees, transportation and accommodations are to be 100% covered by the client, in addition to the program fee, as well as your chosen wardrobe budget.

Q5. What if I do not like my image and style transformation?

A5. Good question! But, highly unlikely it will happen when you are working with me. Apart from my own personal journey of transformation within my own life and business, I am formally certified in the profession as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, I also possess a diploma in Fashion Arts from Humber College where I spent two years honing my skills in personal styling, visual aesthetics and colour theory; I am also a graduate of the Law & Society program with special interest courses taken in Women’s Studies from York University. Not to worry, I’m qualified and passionate about helping you up-level your image and style and ultimately transforming your life. However, in the very rare circumstance you happen to feel that your transformation was not up to your standards (again, very rare occurrence) I will continue to work with you at no extra charge(for a limited time period) until we have crafted the perfect image transformation that is suitable to your taste.

Q6. What is included in my image and style follow-up coaching sessions?

A6. Once we have wrapped up the loose ends of your final consult I usually like to give you a couple weeks to settle into your new image and re-purposed lifestyle. During this time, you are encouraged to communicate with me and ask any questions you may have via Skype, email or phone. The image and style coaching sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length and cover any image and styling topics you may have.

Q7. You mentioned member access to your Facebook Group once I have completed the program, what is that all about?

A7. I decided to create a private member only group for clients who have successfully completed my online or in person image and style development programs and courses. The groups are for your continued support among other fabulous, ambitious women who are interested in networking and sharing their amazing stories of transformation with one another. I find this to be a great way to stay connected and up to date with all my fabulous clients with whom I have worked with.

Q8. What is the best way to get in contact with you if I have any further questions regarding your programs?

A8. You can either contact me via the official booking form Contact Tonya, or you can call the company number directly and leave a detailed message. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. If you contact me on the weekend, please allow 48 hours for me to contact you back.

Q9. How much will I be investing in myself if I sign-up for one of the personal image and style programs?

A9. I think the better question to ask is how much do you value yourself and do you believe you are worth the investment? Your personal image and style speaks volumes to the world long before you’ve had the chance to formally introduce yourself. A disheveled or dated image can cost you a new client, you risk being passed over for amazing networking opportunities to impress a potential medial sponsor or prestigious speaking engagement. More importantly, as discussed earlier, the effort in which you put into your image and style will always communicate outwardly to the world how much you value and respect yourself. Remember, you only have 7 seconds or less to make an amazing and memorable first impression.

Q10. What is your refund policy?

A10. Please review our refund policy – Click Here



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