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As a Color & Style Empowerment Coach, I work exclusively with new female entrepreneurs who have transitioned out of their soul-sucking, mundane 9-5 career and are ready to embark on the exciting journey of becoming an influential SOULFUL entrepreneur! I also work with established female entrepreneurs who are feeling disconnected from their current visual branding message (image + personal style) and desire a complete branding overhaul; one that is in alignment with the new direction of their soulful business.

This is What You Know for Sure


You've got the vision for your business ✔  

You are heart-centered and focused on giving more than receiving ✔ 

You consider yourself to be a: Spiritual Coach, Holistic Healer, Wellness Coach, Heart-Centred Biz Coach ✔ 


You possess the talent and skills


You are definitely ready to shake things up in your chosen industry ✔  


You also desire to have a soulful, visual brand that is just as inspiring and influential, but most importantly






Here's Where I Come into The Mix


My color and style coaching programs and courses are uniquely infused with transformative, life coaching sessions; that are empowering, uplifting, and intended to help you, my client, to authentically re-align with the essence of who you are as a soulful entrepreneur. I am not only a certified image and style coach, but I am also a certified transformation coach who is passionate about facilitating holistic change in my client's life + business.


Visual branding is not about tricking your ideal client into thinking you are this wonderful, amazing, fabulously stylish goddess. Nope, you already know you are! Even if you haven't admitted it to yourself as yet...  However, working with me will bring that hidden aspect of yourself out for the world to see! I am here to help you visually package your stellar talent, skill, personality, and STYLE into an approachable, intriguing visual brand that resonates with not only you but also your ideal client. 


I myself can personally attest to having powerfully changed the way in which I've intentionally and actively chosen to live a purposeful, now thriving lifestyle that authentically aligns with my life’s purpose, vision, and innate talent for empowering other women to stylishly show up in their business and life with AUTHENTIC PURPOSE and FABULOUS STYLE! 

Your Lifestyle is your BRAND!


The Renaissance Woman of Style offers its amazing clients with virtual styling courses and programs. All of our online courses and programs have been vetted for the same quality in content and results as if you were working with me in-person.

I am also excited to announce that starting in Summer 2021 I will be available to an exclusive group of international, VIP clients who are unable to meet me in Toronto for an in-person consult but want to receive the same stellar experience. Please inquire about these exclusive VIP services; limited to one client per month.

My main goal as your Color & Style Coach is to create a sacred space for you to SHINE your absolute brightest through your unique, visual branding message. If you are ready to transform your image and personal style, please do take a moment to learn more about how I can help you to step into your VISION + PURPOSE as a soulful female entrepreneur.

But, how do you align all of these elements into one cohesive brand?

A brand that is fabulously stylish and authentic to YOU.


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"Transforming your image and personal style isn't just about pretty clothes and sparkly accessories, it's a soulful, HOLISTIC process" - Tonya J.



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